Training & Onboarding


Learning & Development at Amazon Fulfillment Centers

We are committed to ensuring every new leader is set up for success and is equipped for a running start. To do so, we provide a standard Launch Your Career roadmap for onboarding and assimilation which consists of classroom, e-learning, and on-the-job training programs.

Before a new leader steps foot in their assigned fulfillment center, they spend a week in Operations Leader Orientation at our Operations Leadership Institute in Phoenix, AZ with a group of peers to learn about the company, pick up some Amazon-specific leadership skills, and get a jump-start on their career. 

After Orientation, leaders enter Associate Experience Week where we introduce them to day-to-day life on the front-line from our associates’ point of view.  The goal of this week is to provide new leaders with perspective on how to think, teach, and deliver in Amazon Operations which fuels our Associate Centered Leadership philosophy.

New leaders can then expect several weeks of on-the-job training called Learn Before Doing.  This is the phase when a leader learns key aspects of the job and gets to know others on the team before assuming full job responsibilities.

For leaders who are first time supervisors, they attend Emerging Leaders to learn and practice frontline leadership skills that are required to be successful in Fulfillment leadership roles.   

Your development doesn’t stop here.  Every day brings new challenges and opportunities for learning and growth.  Remember, it’s still Day 1. 

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